The first priority in carving out a space for ourselves, whether for a home, a place of business or both is a practical matter. We ask ourselves first about what will take place here. Eating, sleeping, producing a family, producing an income, the amount of space we need and a brief description of the type of neighbors we want near us. The latter will immediately generate new issues. There will be questions about safety, proximity to hospitals and municipal amenities and oh yes, is there a park nearby, a shopping center (“what kind of grocery stores?” perhaps).

And then the furnishings; some of us enjoy making these choices for ourselves. Others need assistance. Some will leave all or most of these decisions to a professional; the RE agent, the architect, the structural engineer, the interior designer. But nearly everyone retains control of the choices of the art in their home. Some guidance perhaps but absolutely the last say-so for this is the most personal choice of all, second only to choosing a mate, more important than the right garment for a special occasion.

Lee Broom Gallery and Design has been in business for a long time. I am Lee Broom. I work with some very talented people. Some have international reputations. Some are still students. All have the eye sight of a child. All agree that the greatest thrill of all is the thrill of discovery.

At the moment I am exercising some choices of my own. I have never used a website for example. That is on its way. Until then I want to enjoy the thrill of creating a blog. I want to meet people not previously known to me. Most of my career occurred in the foothills of North Scottsdale and Palm Desert.


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