Invitation from Artist Stanley Grosse

A Personal Open Invitation from Fine Artist and

Former Capuchino Art Teacher, Stanley Grosse:

Aloha all!

If you haven’t been contacted already, here is some

information on my One-Man Show that I’m having at

the brand new “Paige Gallery,” 828 Brannan Street,

in San Francisco, and you are invited to attend.

Former Capuchino student, Ken Paige (‘62) has

constructed his beautiful new art gallery in the Design Center of San

Francisco. The first-floor gallery is ready now, with completion of the

second floor trendy cocktail lounge, and third-floor upscale restaurant

coming very soon.

The opening date of the show is Thursday evening, October 4, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. (There is lots of

parking in the area, especially after 5 p.m.)

I feel so honored by this possibility to show my art.

Two weeks ago I

shipped 27 pieces, some of my best work, to Ken. This he is using to

augment other works that he currently has. Ken Paige is printing a catalog

of the show as well as two mailings. In addition, Ken has taken three of

my pieces to Magnolia Press. Magnolia is a

state-of-the-art, Fine Art print lab that is

noted for printing many internationally

known artists work. They use the latest

digital photography equipment, which

enables them to do gigantic Giclee prints on

canvas or paper. The print team has

enlarged three of my pieces to 96″ X 64″ and

printed them on a high-grade canvas.

Magnolia has also had one of my painting

images woven into a 6-foot tapestry with

the weaving done in Belgium.

So this is quite a thrill to have all this

happening at the same time, along with Bob

Will producing and editing my book, “The Art of Stanley Grosse”. Ken

said he would have a few of those books at the gallery.

I would be honored to have you come to the opening, or see it at a later

date. I am very proud of the show. The exhibition will be up for six weeks,

right up to Thanksgiving. Although the One-Man Show will end, many of my works will still be on view.

Sending Big Mahalo’s,


P.S. If you would like to be on the Paige Gallery mailing list,

you can e-mail your request to

Stanley Grosse, fine artist, now makes his home in Hawaii. You can view his artwork on his web sites:


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