Announcement from Artist Stanley Grosse

Aloha all, I wanted to give you a small preview of the show opening these last
two evenings.  These were taken by some good friends as pictured in the first (fourth)
photograph below.  We had a nice group on Thursday night opening,and then a
Friday night opening again, where we had a computer set up in the gallery and I
Skyped on my IPad from my lanai studio here on Maui.  Cool.  Was able to talk
with many former students and old friends.  The Paige Gallery owner, Ken Paige
pulled out all the stops for this show.  People really liked how he interspersed
artifacts with the paintings.  More like little dioramas.  There are three, big
64 inch Giclees behind the three dear old friends, these are the first photos.I
saw, taken after the show.
Ken Paige made this happen with his incredible
sense of design and “always thinking big”.  He was like that as a student in my
class, graduating back in 1961.  Hope you enjoy, Stanley


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