Announcement from Bob Will re Artist Stanley Grosse

Dear CAP’58 Alums and friends of Stanley Grosse: is now having a 20% off sale on the two books I’ve created with Stanley, “Art, Life & the Rhythm Between – The Art of Stanley Grosse.” If you haven’t yet purchased your copy, or would like to have additional copies, now is the time to do so. Deadline for this discount is October 23, 2012. So be sure and get yours today!                          Version 1                           Version 2 (with comments from             (without comments) friends, family and former students) Read the Blurb ad below. Go to Sign in. Type in search window: STANLEY GROSSE.
The 20% OFF ad from Blurb:

Savings for your friends and fans
It’s always the right time to sell more books, right? At least that’s what we think. To make it easier, here’s an offer to share that gives people 20% off your book. Have your fans and followers use the code FANS at checkout and they get 20% off a print book from now until October 23, 2012.

——————————————— I’ve had wonderful responses from many of Stanley’s friends and students, such as: “This book is ‘to LIVE for!!!!!!’ We just received it and cannot stop turning page after page. It is priceless! I love your work and your words. This is a book that will make me ignore my ironing, washing, answering the telephone. It is truly a treasure.”                           — Rosemary Petrotta


“We received ‘The Art of Stanley Grosse’ Saturday and simply could not put it down.  It is so well done and I am so happy for you that it was possible. You have had a fulfilling life and it needed to be told. Congratulations! Hugs from Missouri,”                                                — Sonny and Carol

Thank you, Bob Will

Dear CAP’58 Alums and other Friends of Stanley Grosse,
I invite you to view a few photos from the October 5, 2012, special “Capuchino Night” exhibition of Stanley’s One-Man Show at Ken Paige’s new Paige Gallery in San Francisco. If you were not able to be there in person, you still have until November 21 to get to the gallery at 828 Brannon Street, For those attending it was a memorable evening spent with old friends and great art. We were able to visit with Stanley live via Skype, which made it extra special for everyone.

Here is the link to those photos:
Please enjoy.
Bob Will


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