Accept The Love and Pass It On


Yesterday there was a party honoring three of my friends for time in attendance while contributing to the welfare of a community of people for whom the absence of such help would be disastrous.

I did what I always do when invited to a party; I shopped for ingredients to make potato salad (I do it differently every time) , I tried to write a poem for each of the people being honored but succeeded only in blocking the path from whence these gifts come. Sometimes I get there, sometimes not. If I am not familiar with the terrain and can visualize no escape hatches I will probably not be in attendance.

And as it turned out I was not in attendance. Instead I feted these three in absentia, devouring the Potato Salad Perfecta Trifecta and paid tribute by quoting a poem from a previous celebration for others of our ilk.


To accept Love is to Be Healed.

Healing begins when Fear is vanquished.

Perhaps it is the other way around.

Fear returns to the shadows and birds begin to chirp.

Fear reveals itself at first light.

The Light of Love is felt with the decision to Accept.

Acceptance lights the Path.

The Path is Today.

This is the way,

To Heal;

To be Healed.

Love becomes the Lover.

And Fear becomes a fading memory.

by Lee Broom


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