Kamal and Lee


Kamal and Lee
January 2012


Kamal: Lee, are you taking enough time away from your work to enjoy yourself?

Lee: I don’t know. I enjoy my work, Kamal. But I’m enjoying our visit, also. Do you think perhaps I’m living a little too close to the edge?

Kamal: It’s okay to live on the edge, my friend. But some times if you sit down and let your legs hang over the edge, that’s fun too. And, one more thing Lee Broom, that you need always to remember….

Lee: Yeah, what’s that Kamal?

Kamal: If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up way too much space.

Lee: Thanks, Kamal. I appreciate your pointing that out. Any other words of wisdom?

Kamal: Ask me tomorrow. Lee Broom, I need something to look forward to.

Lee: Any clues?

Kamal: Yes. Let’s talk about women.

Lee: Agreed. I’ll do some research. I’ll look it up in Wikipedia.

Kamal: You need more “hands on” research.

Lee: Tomorrow, Kamal Amin. Tomorrow.


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