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MP Navigator cowboy stastuette

MP Navigator cowboy stastuette. 2

Have you seen this statue? He stands 18″ high and was wholesaled from UMA Enterprises, Inc., 660 W. Artesia Blvd., Compton, CA in 2008 (now discontinued) and made in China. UPC#748647 751303

 I’ve seen copies that stand 14″ and don’t have as much detail.
UMA , Inc. told me there were only 5000 available at the time and they wholesaled for $15.00. Do you have any connections to find such an item?
The statue is made of plaster, and is bronze in color. There is a tag on the bottom of the statue with the UPC number. It also says made in China.
I typed the UPC code into the computer and came up with the company name that wholesaled it. I called them on the phone and they confirmed that they carried this item in 2008. There w
ere 5000 statues ..some sold in big box stores, others sold in Canada. They also don’t have any in stock.
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