Perfect music…

baruch forgiveness.2
I am listening to Ravel’s Bolero. Ravel claimed this piece of music was meant only as an exercise. Little did he know how much exercise would be generated in years to come by the enthusiastic response to this music.
In 1958 there was a story taking place in my life that included my first introduction to Bolero. My experience included hearing these words. “Bolero is the perfect music to make love to.”
In 1977 I partnered with a movie producer friend, Peter Bogdonavitch in a major art show which included an invitation-only short film about the production of our presentation. Over coffee I told Peter of my experience in the fifties and repeated the quotation. He grabbed a napkin and a pen and said “Mind if I use this?” referring to the quote.
I nodded yes. The following day Peter told a pal of his, Blake Edwards and Mr Edwards who was already in production for “Ten” starring Bo Derek and Julie Andrews said “Yes” and he put the perfectly quoted “Bolero is the perfect music to make love to.” into the film.



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