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    Republished from  27 November 2013


Am I grateful?


For the near miss on the fifteenth of this month when my head converted a car window to crumbs, emerging with a cut 1/16th  of an inch from the outer carotid?

Or the cut near my right eye; the one which restored 20/20 vision to an orb that was nearly blind,  earlier this year?

Or the strangers who gathered around the cab of my truck after the accident and kept me posted on injuries and blood loss till the trauma team arrived?

Or the trauma team?




And why am I grateful for these things?

Perhaps for a  chance to get to know and love the new members of my rapidly growing family?

Or for the opportunities to serve those who are not feeling grateful right now?

Or for another few walks on those canals where I ran thousands of miles in younger years, remembering……..?






The Crumbs of Something Else

kid artist

Everything in the Universe is made from the crumbs of something else. Surely, this is the first rule of Creativity and Creativity must certainly be the first consideration in defining art.

And for those of us who have lived this Creative Experience, whether it be to suddenly hear the first words in a poem on its way into our reality or becoming aware of a business idea rising to the surface or perhaps caressing a piece of unfettered marble and feeling the sculpture hidden among its veins or Miracle of Miracles, helping to form a new person, whether by fertilizing an egg or stumbling through the agonizing pile of paperwork and interviews to adopt a child, the feeling that accompanies such Creative Endeavors is called Love.

Knowing these things helps me when I feel Broken for in recalling this Truth I come closer to the Peace that comes from Acceptance, the Freedom that comes with Love.