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 Art is all there is and all there ever was or will be. It is the expression of imagination however carefully or carelessly it is applied.

CRUMBS by Lee Broom.


In the search for truth, the absence thereof

Tempts the inner spirit,

And the Truth

Reaches us

In many







baruch forgiveness.2

I am listening to Ravel’s Bolero. Ravel claimed this piece of music was meant only as an exercise. Little did he know how much exercise would be generated in years to come by the enthusiastic response to this music.

In 1958 there was a story taking place in my life that included my first introduction to Bolero. My experience included hearing these words. “Bolero is the perfect music to make love to.”

In 1977 I partnered with a movie producer friend, Peter Bogdonavitch in a major art show which included an invitation-only short film about the production of our presentation. Over coffee I told Peter of my experience in the fifties and repeated the quotation. He grabbed a napkin and a pen and said “Mind if I use this?” referring to the quote.

I nodded yes. The following day Peter told a pal of his, Blake Edwards and Mr. Edwards who was already in production for “Ten” starring Bo Derek and Julie Andrews said “Yes” and he put the perfectly quoted “Bolero is the perfect music to make love to.” into the film.

Lee Broom.  Whispers.

How was it Done.


An email conversation between lee Broom and a photographer friend about an extrordinary flower photo.

PF:  Hey magical mystery mind! LOL

The past couple days, I can’t seem to pull myself away from the computer. Feeling guilty cuz the weather is just so-darn-nice! So many things to look up and learn about!!! Looking for a Photoshop technique that will teach how to do this. Really like the pastel painterly effect.


Lee: HERE’S my guess; the image is really the same image twice. The background is a close-up of the zinnia or whatever it is and has been blurred to disguise the distortion of separating pixels. The closer image is then overlaid atop the fuzzy close-up. The complimentary colors in the background are the opposite of those in front, so perhaps the background is a negative image.

The lack of tech knowledge forces me to use my often flawed imagination. Whaddaya think?

PS: I am typing with my right middle finger while eating sour dough bread and an avocado and a fresh hothouse tomato. Beautiful image.

PF: Wow! You are great at figuring this out! You should be doing Photoshop!!!

I was kind of thinking in the same direction. Without spending a zillion hours to tweak this, was looking for the ‘recipe’ of directions to do this.

Was your photo below taken at the City Hall Gallery? Are those photos or paintings??


Your sandwich sounds delish… I’m hungry.

Lee:  The current show is photography.

Phoenix Icons: The Art of Our Historic Landmarks,’ features photographs of more than 30 historic Phoenix landmarks, by Patrick Madigan and Michael Lundgren.The exhibit is the second in a series of rotating exhibitions from the city’s historic Municipal Art Collection of 1,000 artworks.”
I’ll send you a book of printed images from the show.

The Crumbs of Something Else

kid artist

Everything in the Universe is made from the crumbs of something else. Surely, this is the first rule of Creativity and Creativity must certainly be the first consideration in defining art.

And for those of us who have lived this Creative Experience, whether it be to suddenly hear the first words in a poem on its way into our reality or becoming aware of a business idea rising to the surface or perhaps caressing a piece of unfettered marble and feeling the sculpture hidden among its veins or Miracle of Miracles, helping to form a new person, whether by fertilizing an egg or stumbling through the agonizing pile of paperwork and interviews to adopt a child, the feeling that accompanies such Creative Endeavors is encouraging and possibly even addictive.


Fine Fine Fifty Nine

59 Caddy 1-4 003



Fifty Nine

So Fine

All Mine

Frame’s Mine Also

And Sandy’s (let’s not forget).

When Sandra Schou posted this on Facebook a while back I said Fifty Nine Richy Rich car.

And Sandy said here ya go Broom Boy and here it is.

My favorite photographer (after Ansel)

Fine, Fine fifty Nine

Better than a pony or a jug of wine

Better than a flip top Ford

Fancy as a Jag You Are.

By Bad, Bad Lee Boy Broom

(Baddest guy in the whole darn room)

59 Caddy 1-4 004