2 11 2015

One basic principle of photography has not been changed by the digital revolution; those activities which occur before “click”  may be described as Art;  those which follow may only be called editing.
BRIEFLY SPEAKING a volume of One Liners by Lee Broom.




I am attempting to gird my suspicions and to practice what I preach, which is to “Never, ever ask “Why?”.

In  the place of “why”, I shall ask,..

What can be classier than a pear?

It is as lovely as a woman’s bottom,

As tasty as her nipples…

And, it has attracted the brush and palette of every great painter and adorns at least as many canvases as the most daintily (if at al) clad nude or (nuder).

No of course, I shan’t ask “Why?”

That would be rude…

Would it not?




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