The word growth when used as an imagined psychological term means nothing; it is merely a reflection of the perfectionist mindset of those who use it for such.

The same may be said for those who speak of progress as an alternative to perfection when in fact this word is actually a measure of perfection. How or why would one want to measure something which exists only in the imagined dreams of narcissistic, would-be demigods? Perfection is not to be found in a world which is bound by time and measured as such. Perfection, if it exists at all, resides in the future and the future has yet to be discovered.

Words like acceptance, freedom and choice are the words of those who decide to be true to themselves, whose interests in their community is in loving the members therein and celebrating them for whom they are rather than for whom they have yet-to-become.

To allow anyone to tell me that I am “doing better” is to conform to the expectations of that person and probably to whatever group they both belong.

The people I am describing are your customer, your clients, your prospects; they are you.

Treat ‘em like ya like ‘em.

Treat ‘em like they’re family.

No, better than that.

Same day delivery.



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