Four years ago I saw a driverless Google car enter the Scottsdale cul d’ sac where I was parked. It did not stop.  It did the spin-around and continued on its way.

Yesterday I saw another Google-bot doing the same thing in another Scottsdale neighborhood. And I asked myself “Why the redundancy?”. On each of those occasions I visited  Google Street View and each time  the neighborhood of my inquiry was already quite thoroughly accounted for.

The need for information by government and by industry literally knows no bounds. We relieved ourselves not long ago, of the expense of sending Lewis and Clark  into outer  space and decided to send robots to do that job for us.

And in 2015 Google is offering the Lunar X  prize for a private endeavor resulting in the landing of a robot on the Moon and for travelling across the Moon’s exterior sending information back to Earth. There are four categories of prizes totaling 30 million dollars. Perhaps Google’s redundant Earth exploration is motivated by the endless possibilities that beckon those who would listen to come forward and be accounted for.

Soon Google will be extending their Google Street View first to the Moon and the on to the planets and you and I can drive our Sim Cars to Sim shops on Jupiter and Mars.



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