Everything in the Universe is molded from the CRUMBS of something else.

Surely, this is the first rule of Creativity and Creativity must certainly be the first consideration in defining art.

When we live this Creative Experience, whether it be to suddenly hear the first words in a poem on its way into our reality or Miracle of Miracles, helping to form a new person, or stumbling through the agonizing pile of paperwork and interviews to adopt a child, the feeling that accompanies such Creative Endeavors is called LOVE.

The CRUMBS of the Past are the ingredients of the Present and the Memory of Ever.”
CRUMBS, Introduction
Lee Broom.

 I have been writing poetry, essays and  humorous dialogue for decades. My writing though well published on radio and in print periodicals was never until now my major means of earning a living,

The Lee Broom blog site was established as a place to discuss my career activities which for most of my life have been categorically labeled as art and design. It began with a website

While the original site was under construction   was  acquired by some means that did not involve my coöperation by another Lee Broom who lives and works in London and who just coincidentally claims to make his living as a designer as I have done for more than forty years.

For the duration of 2015 I will post each Monday from one of six other blog sites.

I am devoting more time now to writing books about popular concepts as viewed from an entirely different light. I will reveal these offerings beginning soon with a book which is currently entitled CRUMBS. “Everything in the Universe is made from the CRUMBS of something else.”

Thank you for your support.

Lee Broom.



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