Gourd Art                       Betty Powers


When planning an arrangement of pictures on a gallery wall, the outer dimensions may be whatever they turn out be as long as the spaces between artworks is the same.

A man may wear raggedy jeans and a ten year old tee one day and a blazer the next; if his nails are always trimmed and the design of his hair or the lack thereof is always the same his social life will excel.

When the architectural presence of a new building is wrong for the neighborhood it is wrong for itself until or unless the neighborhood adapts.

Kamal Amin: The Author. The Watercolorist. And Those Amazing Architectural Renderings of the Earth’s Beauty. The Serigraphs By Kamal Amin. Day 4 of 5.

Northern Sunrise. Serigraph by Kamal Amin.

Camelback Mountain. Serigraph by Kamal Amin.

Serigraph by Kamal Amin.

Westward. Serigraph by Kamal Amin.

The watercolors of Kamal Amin.