Cardiovascular Bldg. Scottsdale, AZ - 1
Medical Building    Scottsdale
Kamal Amin   Architect     Structural Engineer


“Every morning I dressed up in a suit and tie, drove to the office and sat on my chair next to the telephone. No one knew I was there……..After two weeks of waiting by the telephone in my office, it rang one morning. I said to myself, ‘Good Lord, someone knows I am here’………..”
Kamal Amin


—–Original Message—–
From: Conchita Anorve-Tschirgi xxxxx@aucegypt.edu>
To: kaminarch <kaminarch@aol.com>
Cc: Steve Urgola, Mr. – Archivist xxxxx@aucegypt.edu>
Sent: Wed, Jan 6, 2016 6:20 pm

Dearest Architect Amin,
I really have no words to describe how pleased I am because I finally had the chance to meet you. Neither I have enough words to say THANK YOU for making our visit so interesting and informative about your professional and private life. Also thanks for making us possible to visit some of your projects, and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. The whole experience was extremely impressive and inspiring for me as an architect! And, of course, also for Steve as an Archivist.
You’re a lot of fun to be around, and we don’t lose hope that maybe in the future we’ll come and pay another visit to you. I personally didn’t have the chance to see Phoenix, so this is a good pretext for me to come back again.
I also have to mention that the help we all received from Pam, was extremely helpful and invaluable! We couldn’t have ever survived without her taking care of so many details. There are not enough words to thank her!
We lived such an experience with you, and those moments are now impressed in the images that we captured in our cameras. As soon as I download the pix in my laptop I’ll put them in a CD that you’ll receive through the mail.
We’ll be in constant touch with you, because I think now we have many questions an gaps that we didn’t have time to fill during our brief visit.
Much love,

Conchita Añorve-Tschirgi

Artist – Architect – Art Historian – Educator

e-mail: conchita@aucegypt.edu
website: www.conchitagallery.wix.com/my-gallery

A museum Presentation of Kamal Amin’s life work is on permanent display in The Conchita Gallery in Cairo Egypt.

Kamal Amin

Lee Broom

15 January 2016
Kamal Amin

“Hi Lee

Thank you for the material included in your e mail.
Conchita is the head of archives and rare book section
in the American University in Cairo. She came in Phonix
with anther man who works in the archives just to interview me
They also wanted more of my drawings and other material
to add to what I sent the last year. So, I left my storage room
in Fountain Hills and gave them everything. ..
Best to you old chap.


Thank you Kamal,





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