In the sixties I entered the interior design field by designing signed and numbered pieces of furniture.

In the seventies I moved to Scottsdale and built an art business beginning with a frame shop at Scottsdale and Shea.

I closed the fourth store, Lee Broom Gallery and Design twenty-five years later and moved to Twentieth and Indian School where I set up a workroom building furniture and picture framing and conducting sales presentations on site.

Today  I arrive at your home or office with designer tools and an eye for continuity. I leave you with a contented smile.




Gallery@CityHall Docent operated. Phx AZ



If you find yourself suddenly seeking BUSINESS where opportunity seems no longer to exist, consider a position as a Volunteer.

It’ll look responsible to your banker.

Above all, such a decision takes courage and promotes a big leap in one’s self-image.

Volunteers often find new opportunity to further management and leadership skills,

Volunteers encourage the learning process.



WORDS THAT RHYME WITH ORANGE (revised November 6, 2016)






Why,  two opinions to every issue?

Only two political parties?

One left, one right?

One right, one wrong?

or possibly good and bad?


Green and ripe?
or a middlin’ type?
Isn’t that sorta sad?

Words that rhyme with silver and orange.

twenty-two kinds of chips.

I miss kissing the lovely lips
enjoying the stroke of the fingertips
of the women I loved in Mississippi
and points from there on West,

and salivating

while enjoying  the memory
of enjoying the experience
of sampling
every kind of candy imaginable.

If you like I, need much, much more
you’re growing tired of back and forth,
please then, be my guest.